NPSE 2021-22 Sponsorship Plus Rewards Level (USA or Intl) Samuel Rutherford miniature portrait

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$2000 USA or International. Limit 1. All the rewards of the Regular Series Sponsorship. PLUS: A sponsor sponsoring at this level funds the commissioning of a miniature portrait of Samuel Rutherford painted by J. David Gillespie, to the same production value as the 2021 miniature portrait of George Gillespie. 2.5″ tall by 2″ wide. Watercolors on mammoth ivory, using Gemstone Pigments, Lapis Lazuli in some of the blues, Red Jaspar, and Purple Amethyst, 24 K Gold lettering, signed with artist initials. 24K gold plated frame with loop.  Comes in a presentation box with hand marbled paper on the cover and period label describing the portrait and recognizing the sponsorship and identical label inside the portrait case on acid free paper. The sponsor will receive the original framed portrait suitable for bookshelf or wall-hanging with NPSE reserving the right to use the image for publication and image rights retained by the painter. David Gillespie “has studied under two of the worlds best British miniature painters, and from them been taught the traditional techniques used in British portrait miniature painting that goes back to the days of the Reformation” ( Ships upon completion by the artist and when all payments have been made if choosing an installment plan.

Video of the Gillespie miniature being painted.

(c) University of St Andrews.



Samuel Rutherford (1600-1661).

Miniature examples by J. David Gillespie

Portrait Miniature of George Gillespie, NPSE 2020-21.

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