NPSE 2022-23 Special Sponsorship Level (USA or Intl) Honorary Co-publisher for Durham on Song of Solomon.

From: $209.00 / month for 12 months



$2500 USA or International. We are combining/collapsing the several higher sponsor levels (dedication/epigram and honorary co-publisher) into one level to simplify matters. This level is offered per title and includes all the regular benefits plus determining the dedication and epigraph pages and ┬árecognition as helping to make the title possible to their preference, whether simply remaining noted as one of the sponsors without special recognition, or their aid in especially making the volume possible may be noted on the volumes dedication page (e.g., “This publication was made possibly by the generous sponsorship as honorary co-publisher by XYZ”). In either case, the sponsor gives input on the content of the dedication and epigraph pages. There is only one of this level of sponsorship per title every series year. This sponsorship is for James Durham’s Exposition of the Song of Solomon.


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