NPSE 2020 Regular Sponsorship (USA only)

From: $16.59 / month for 12 months



$199 USA only, Regular level Sponsorship for Naphtali Press Special Editions, forthcoming series year. Choose between pay in full or one of the monthly installment plans (multiple automatic charges in several payments per the schedule chosen). We hope to produce up to 3 titles based upon total sponsorship received: the second of 3 projected volumes of James Durham’s Commentary on Revelation (volume 1 produced in 2019-20, is in print and available at RHB), the first of 3 volumes projected of the shorter (relatively speaking) writings of George Gillespie, and a first time translation from Latin of Gisbertus Voetius’s De Sabbatho et Festis (1638). See the about page for a full explanation and description of the NPSE series and the role of sponsorships. Sponsors are recognized in a separate section in the front of each volume produced, receive a copy of each volume produced for the series year sponsored, and receive the custom Sponsorship bookplate for 2020-21 with each volume. Higher level sponsorships received additional recognitions or ‘rewards.’ As we get further into the series year, some of the longer term payment plans will be retired, so sign up early if you want one of the longer plans.

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