Anthology of Presbyterian & Reformed Literature v.5.

Naphtali Press: Anthology of Presbyterian & Reformed Literature, vls 1-5. The Anthology was a serial publication produced quarterly for the first three volumes and then annually in a case bound format through volume five. A variety of Reformed and Presbyterian authors were published in these anthologies. No further volumes are planned. Out of Print. Email us for possibly used copies.

Volume 5. Volume 5 Contains: James Gilfillan (1797-1874), Sketches of Sabbatic Controversies and Literature; David Hay Fleming (1849-1931), Story of the Scottish Covenant in Outline; Samuel Hudson (d. 1683), Doctrine of the Catholic Church Visible. Samuel Rutherfurd, Last and Heavenly Speeches of Viscount Kenmure. John Macpherson, The Doctrine of the Church in Scottish Theology. Fisher’s Catechism on the Fourth Commandment. David Dickson, Sermons Preached at a Communion in Irvine. $35.00.