NPSE series year 2021-2022

2021-2022 NPSE Series Goals.

$24,313 of $22,000 Pledge Minimum


$24,313 of $24,274 To Equal Last Year


$24,313 of $32,000 Stretch goal


NPSE is now taking annual sponsorships for the publication series year 2021-2022. See the Store or this promotional landing page for options. The week of October 1, 2021 we began the sponsorship drive and it will run until the first volume must go to the press (which closes the drive since sponsor names appear in the volumes produced), likely about March 1. We would like to be half way by end of 2021. For more about Naphtali Press Special Editions (NPSE) and the prior year titles now available, see here.  The titles proposed for NPSE series year 2020-2021 co-published with Reformation Heritage Books are:

  • James Durham, A Commentary upon the Book of Revelation, Lectures on Chapters 12-22. This is the third of the three volume set proposed and will complete the commentary. Considerable labor will go into this third volume because it will included all the indexing for the three volume set as well as an extensive new biography with some information never before published about Durham, and as full of a bibliography as presently can be obtained.
  • The Collected Shorter Works of George Gillespie. Volume 2 of 3 volumes planned. As presently planned, Volume 2 will contain the shorter publications during Gillespie’s years at the Westminster assembly and post assembly. Volume 3 will round out the set with his notes on the assembly and Miscellany Questions.
  • Because it spans two series years, new sponsors for 2021-22 will also be noted as sponsoring and receive a copy of the 2020-21 title by Gisbertus Voetius on the Sabbath and Feast Days, projected to be published in late 2022.
  • There is always the possibility NPSE undertakes a title fully funded by a single sponsor. If that occurs in any given series year, sponsors for that year will receive that volume as a bonus. There is a real possibility for such a volume as soon as this series year, and if the project materializes, more information will be forthcoming.