NPSE series year 2022-2023

Fourth Series Year: 2022-2023 NPSE Series Goal.

$24,000 of $24,000 Pledge Minimum


Voetius translation of appendix to add to On the Sabbath and Feast Days

$2,403 of $4,800 Pledge Minimum
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NPSE is now taking annual sponsorships for the publication series year 2022-2023. See the Store or this promotional landing page for options. For the separate Voetius appendix drive see this donorbox page. The drive runs roughly from October 2022 till March or whenever the first volume is ready to go to the press. For more about Naphtali Press Special Editions (NPSE) and the prior year titles now available, see here.  The titles proposed for NPSE series year 2022-2023 co-published with Reformation Heritage Books are:

  • James Durham, Clavis Cantici: or an Exposition of the Song of Solomon. First published in 1668, the last new edition appeared in 1840. While this last edition has been photoreprinted a number of times since the twentieth century, it remains the only work by Durham that Naphtali Press has not undertaken to create a new edition of the text, going back to the early editions and ensuring a solid text and critical edition. Taking perhaps Durham’s most famous work on would mean NP has created new editions for all the works of James Durham since first publishing some of his sermons in 1988.
  • The Collected Shorter Works of George Gillespie. Volume 3 of 3 volumes planned, which completes the set with his notes on the assembly and Miscellany Questions, and letters.
  • Because it has spanned two subsequent series years now, new sponsors for 2022-23 will also be noted as sponsoring and will receive a copy of title funded in 2020-21, Gisbertus Voetius on the Sabbath and Feast Days, projected to be completely translated from Latin and published in the latter half of 2023. There is a new separate sponsorship funding drive to offset the cost of adding an appendix containing the work Voetius did titled Tempore Nativitatis Christi, which should make a nice addition to the subject and also this material is referenced in the Sabbath and Feast Days material. Sponsors interested in funding this additional work, or become a new sponsor by sponsoring this work! by sponsoring a the separate campaign at at Donorbox.