NPSE series year 2020-2021

2020-2021 NPSE Series Goal (minimum goal of $24,000).

$24,274/$24,000 Pledged


Additional funding to Translate Voetius on the Sabbath and Feast Days

$6,200/$6,000 Pledged


Thanks to all our sponsors, NPSE reached its full funding on the sponsorship drive for 2020-21! Thank you! We still need to raise a bit more to fully fund the additional costs to translate Gisbertus Voetius’s Sabbath and Feast Days. See the store for the remaining opportunities to help with that funding.  For more about Naphtali Press Special Editions (NPSE) and the prior year titles now available, see here.  The titles for NPSE series year 2020-2021 are (links will appear once these are in print and available for purchase at our co-publisher’s site, Reformation Heritage Books):

  • James Durham, A Commentary upon the Book of Revelation, Lectures on Chapters 4-11 (or possibly through 14). See prior year’s descriptions. This title has gone to print as of March 1 (link will appear when available at RHB).
  • The Collected Shorter Works of George Gillespie. Volume 1 of probably 3 volumes. Gillespie is the author of two famous large books. A critical edition of his first book, Dispute Against the English Popish Ceremonies was published by Naphtali Press in 2013. A new edition of his magnum opus, Aaron’s Rod Blossoming, a work against state intrusion into the governing of the church, has yet to be produced and would be a significant undertaking. However, his many shorter works are in need of revision and others new found in manuscript included, which would make a nice collection of about two and probably three volumes. This proposed would be the first and would contain at least his Assertion of the Government of the Church of Scotland and the various anonymously published works.  Work in Progress.
  • Gisbertus  Voetius, On the Sabbath and Feast Days. First time translation of De Sabbatho et Festis (1638). Not much by Voetius has been translated into English. This is an important work because Voetius was born in 1589, would have known men of the prior generation, was at Dort and clerked and issued its deliverances to print, and thus was well situated to canvas the Reformed view on this issue as it developed from the earlier days of the Reformed churches to 1638. The issue of the Sabbath, like in the UK, was not without controversy, nor the companion issue of what to do with the old holy days of Roman Catholicism. Because of the complexity of this work it will likely not be published until early 2022 at the earliest. The translation will be done by David C. Noe. Funding drive for extra costs of the translation ongoing. See the store.


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