Terms of Service

NPSE sponsors have 30 days to change or cancel their paid in full sponsorship in a given series (e.g., NPSE series 2021-22) for a full refund. If receiving a defective book for their sponsorship year, sponsors may request to receive a replacement free of charge. Given sponsorship funds are used for production of books no refunds of sponsorships can be promised after 30 days from time of payment processing.

Please do not manually cancel your NPSE sponsorship if you took advantage of an installment payment plan. By using such plans it is understood you made a commitment you would not cancel. If you simply have to cancel, contact Naphtali Press so we can work out if we can fully refund the sponsorship if early in the series year or not. If we’ve proceeded to publish sponsored titles, the amount refundable will depend on if you have received titles sponsored and any sponsorship rewards or not and if any titles went to press with your name in it listed as a sponsor.

If you supported one of NPSE’s donorbox campaigns which are off site, you also have 30 days to cancel for a full refund.