Two years; NPSE 2022-23 and 23-24 Custom Sponsorship Level (USA) $400

From: $34.00 / month for 12 months



$400 USA only. Limited time for this offer. Time is running out to get in on sponsoring the 2022-23 year for NPSE as we get closer to producing our fourth year’s first title, Shorter Writings of George Gillespie volume 3. At this level you can sign up for our fourth year and fifth year, 2023-24, at the same time. We anticipate a USA basic rate to be $220 this year (compared to $215 for 2022-23). As a sponsor for both years you will be recognized in the sponsorship section for all titles produced and receive copies and the custom bookplates that go inside. Because 2022-23’s work turned out to be extensive to produce the third and final Gillespie volume, for our 2023-24 year it seems best to tackle just one title, but quite a difficult one, a new critical edition of George Gillespie’s magnum opus against Erastianism (state’s intrusion into the church) for our fifth year: Aaron’s Rod Blossoming: or, The Divine Ordinance of Church Government Vindicated. This will also mean Naphtali Press will have produced new editions of all the works of Gillespie. We’ll hopefully also be producing in 2024 the 2022-23 title, James Durham on Song of Solomon, for which work begins Fall 2023, and the long delayed translation of Gisbert Voetious on the Sabbath and Holy Days once all the translation work is in hand and edited, hopefully early 2024, D.V.

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