Reviews: James Durham’s Lectures on Job

Lectures on Job, by James Durham (1622-1658).
Case bound. 254pp. New Edition (1995). 2nd Naphtali Press edition (2003). Subject and Scripture Indices added.

Review, Trinity Book Service catalog.


Last printed in 1759, this recent publication of James Durham’s practical exposition of the book of Job makes available again the insightful pastoral observations of this proven servant of Christ. Originally produced to provide helpful devotional comments on this difficult Old Testament book, Durham’s Lectures contains helpful instruction for the suffering servant.

Review, The Presbyterian Witness, Fall 1995.

Naphtali Press… continues to publish noteworthy volumes. Their recent offerings include a new edition of James Durham’s Lectures on Job, edited by Christopher Coldwell, which is all the more important because there are few quality commentaries on Job; and The Divine Right of Church Governmment, a reprint of a 17th century work, revised and edited by David Hall, which is important because of its well-reasoned arguments on Biblical church polity. Although written in the day of the Westminster Assembly, its thesis is in dire need of being heard in our day.