Anthology of Presbyterian & Reformed Literature, v.3.

Naphtali Press: Anthology of Presbyterian & Reformed Literature, vls 1-5. The Anthology was a serial publication produced quarterly for the first three volumes and then annually in a case bound format through volume five. A variety of Reformed and Presbyterian authors were published in these anthologies. No further volumes are planned. All volumes 1-5 of the Naphtali Press Anthology are out of print; inquire for possible broken sets or stray copies. Possible set or two left of volume 3. Inquire if interested.

Volumes 3. Contains: David Calderwood (1575-1651), Against Festival Days; David Hay Fleming, Discipline of the Reformation; John Girardeau (1825-1898), Discretionary Power of the Church. Alexander Henderson: Communion at Leuchars; First time translation of selections from Boyd’s Commentary on Ephesians: On Predestination. Timothy Dwight: The Harvest Past; Cornelius Burges: A Chain of Graces; Ralph Erskine: A Short Paraphrase of Lamentations; Samuel Rutherford: First part of Trial & Triumph of Faith; M’Crie: Role of the Magistrate in Religion; Of the Passion of Christ in Gethsemane by Robert Rollock; Durham: Reading, Writing, Hearing; A. F. Mitchel: George Wishart; Samuel Miller: The Nature & Effects of the Stage $21.00. 4 paperback issues make up volume 3. Limited Supply.
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