Shorter Writings of David Hay Fleming volume 1.

Shorter Writings of David Hay Fleming Volume One. Naphtali Press, 2007. Paperback. 146 pp. 15.95. Print on Demand available at our page.
In this volume are Hay Fleming’s The Story of the Scottish Covenants in Outline (1904), the Discipline of the Reformation (1878), a study inspired by the examination of old kirk-session records, and The Hymnology of the Scottish Reformation (1884), which vigorously answered the contentions of his friend Dr. Horatius Bonar, that the early Scottish Church made use of uninspired compositions in the public worship of the church.

The Scottish Historian and Antiquary David Hay Fleming is most known for his larger writings such as his Mary Queen of Scots and The Reformation in Scotland, and for editing important historical manuscripts and histories such as Six Saints of the Covenant, Register of the Minister Elders and Deacons of the Christian Congregation of St. Andrews … 1559-1600, and Diary of Sir Archibald Johnston of Wariston, 1650–1654, II (1919). However, his shorter works exhibit the same precision and sifting of the facts for which he is known in his books.