Collected Sermons of James Durham, 2 volumes

Collected Sermons of James Durham Product Description English Puritanism and Scottish Presbyterianism in the seventeenth century had many bright and shining lights. Of these, James Durham (1622–1658) ranks alongside the greatest for his theological depth, for his...

The Westminster Assembly’s Grand Debate.

The Westminster Assembly of Divines, The Grand Debate. December 2014. 424 pp. Retail: $52.40. Sewn hardbound, dust jacket, Introduction & Analysis by Rowland S. Ward. 44pp. Edited by Chris Coldwell. Indices, Annotated Bibliography, Appendix on the theological...

The One Thing Needful by James Durham

Naphtali Press is making a second sermon available on the One Thing Needful from the projected forthcoming James Durham collection of sermons. Again; a most suitable subject for these troubling times.
Naphtali Press